Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr Tyler Bonnell
Post-Doctoral focus: Movement ecology and modeling of socio-spatial dynamics (FRQNT Fellowship, NSERC CRC allocation)
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge

Dr Lauriane Faraut
Post-Doctoral focus: Vervet monkey socioecology; project management

PhD Students

Leila Armstrong
PhD topic: The art of urban ecology (Coca Cola Award, QE II Scholarship, Dean's Award)
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge

Rosemary Blersch
PhD topic: Infectious disease and its transmission in vervet monkeys (Franklin Mosher Baldwin Fellowship)
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge
Fieldsite: Samara Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Marcus Dostie
PhD topic: Movement ecology and microhabitat selection by vervet monkeys (NSERC CRC Allocation, QE II Scholarship, Dean's Award)
Centre: Geography, Lethbridge
Fieldsite: Samara Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Anne Jones
PhD topic: The developmental psychology of affordances (QE II scholarship)
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge

Miranda Lucas
PhD topic: Human ethology in a cultural context (SSRHC doctoral award, QE II scholarship, International Society for Human Ethology Owen F. Aldis Scholarship, NSERC CRC allocation)
Centre, Psychology, Lethbridge

Christina Nord
PhD topic: Dynamic networks and attention structure in vervet monkeys (NSERC CRC allocation, Dean's Award)
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge
Fieldsite: Samara Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Kerri Norman
PhD topic: Play in domestic dogs (QE II Scholarship, Dean's Award)
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge

April Takahashi
PhD topic: Patterns of male association in vervet monkeys
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge

Chloé Vilette
PhD topic: Rank, sociability and the determination of female vervet monkey reproductive success
Centre: Psychology, Lethbridge
Fieldsite: Samara Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Mirjam Minkner (Max Planck, Leipzig)
PhD topic: Paternity and male vervet monkey reproductive strategies

Masters Students

Christa Avram
MSc topic: Emotions and embodiment

Melissa Bexte
MSc topic: Human reproductive decision-making

Kyla Funk
MSc topic: Play in vervet monkeys

Neil Franchuk
MSc topic: TBA

Stephanie Varsanyi
MSc topic: Modelling survival in vervet monkeys

Research Assistants (NSERC-funded)

Justin Petluk.

Current Honours, Independent & Applied Study Students



Banff October 2019: Christina, Tyler, Rose, Chloé, Anne, Melissa
Kyla, Stephanie, and April


Distinguished Visiting Research Chair

Professor John Ziker (Fulbright Canada-Palix Foundation), Anthropology, Boise State University

Graduates & PDFs

Dr Maria Stylianou - ESRC-funded post-doctoral fellow (2007-2008). Now: lecturer, Department of Psychology, Neapolis University, Pafos, Cyprus; Dr Alan 'No Relation' Barrett - PhD (2010). Now: Lecturer, University of South Africa; Dr Parry Clarke✝. Leakey Foundation and EU-funded post-doctoral fellow (2007-2008); Petra McDougall - MSc (2010). Now: PhD candidate, University of Calgary; Nicola Forshaw - MSc (2011); Graham Pasternak - MSc (2011). University of Queensland Medical School, Australia (graduated 2015); Natalie Freeman - MSc (2012). ARC Research Assistant; now: PhD candidate, University of Queensland, Australia; April Takahashi - MSc (2012); Jess Sashaw - MSc (2012). Now: Science facilitator. Science World; Alena Matlock - MSc (2013); Brittany Thomas - MSc (2013); Nic Ducheminsky - MSc (2014); Dr Richard McFarland - NRF-funded post-doctoral fellow (2012-2014). Now: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Miranda Lucas - MSc (2014). Now: PhD candidate, University of Lethbridge; Kerri Norman - MSc (2014). Now: PhD candidate, University of Lethbridge; Marcus Dostie - MSc (2014). Now: PhD candidate, University of Lethbridge; Nathan Josephs - MSc (2015); Derek Murphy - PhD (2015); Sarah Erskine - MSc (2016). Now: Stats Canada analyst; Anne Jones - MSc (2016). Now: PhD student, University of Lethbridge; Dr Jon Jarrett - PhD (2018). Now: Alberta Provincial Services data analyst; Dr Flávia Koch - DAAD-funded post-doctoral fellow (2017-2019). Now: Environmental Biologist, Edmonton; Dr Deanna Forrester (PhD 2019). Now: Department of Psychology, Lethbridge College; Dr Colin Dubreuil (PhD 2019), Dr Chris Young - NRF-funded post-doctoral fellow (2014-2020). Now: Data Analyst, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Dr Lesley Marisa - PhD (2020).

NSERC-Funded Assistants

Nicole Whale (2008, MSc. University of Athabasca), David McCaffery (2009), Ria Boner (2009-2010, Yale University), Tricia Rubi (2010 - PhD University of Minnesota. 2015), Bruce Raphael (2011), Tom Rutherford (2011), Jessica Parker (2011. Now: PhD candidate, University of Lethbridge), Michael Amirault (2011), Eric Matlock (2012), Nicholas Collins-Hyrciuk (2012), Jonathan Jarrett (2013. Now: PhD candidate, University of Lethbridge), Karen Lucas (2013), Athenkosi Diba (2013), Kira Roberts (2012-2013. Now: Max Planck Mountain Gorilla Project), Marta Ricart Fincias (2013-2014), Nicola Guthrie (2013-2014, Now: PhD candidate, University of Calgary), Luke Larter (2014, Now: MSc candidate, University of Calgary), Ruth Dada (2014), Rebecca Pinkham (2014-2015), Chloe Angwin (2014-2015), Rachel Stokes (2014-2015), Chloé Vilette (2015-2016. Now: PhD candidate University of Lethbridge), Kathrin Masuch (2015-2016. Now: MSc candidate, University of Vienna), Rosemary Blersch (2015-2016. Now: PhD candidate, University of Lethbridge), Nuria Ferrero (2015-2016), Stephen Morris (2016-2017), Tatiana Bortolato (2016-2017), Lucy Twitcher (2016-2017), Martha Kadluk Pingushat (2017), Shelton Nungnik Nipisar (2017), Lorena Madacky (2017), Pia Böhm (2017), Delaney Roth (2017-2018), Maria Vollmar (2018), Steven Bekker (2018), Kaelin DeLong (2018), Djordje Markovic (2019), Sarah Cockerill (2019), Kristen Sexton (2019), Elly Jenkins (2019).

Current Collaborators

Professor Leslie Brown
Applied Behavioural Ecology and Ecosystems Research Unit, University of South Africa
Project: Ecology of vervet monkeys

Professors Andrea Fuller/Shane Maloney/Duncan Mitchell/Dr Robyn Hetem
Physiology, University of the Witwatersrand Medical School & University of Western Australia
Project: The regulation of body temperature in social endotherms

Professor Stefan Kienzle
Geography, University of Lethbridge
Project: Spatial processes in baboons and vervets

Dr Richard McFarland
Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project: Vervet monkey thermoregulation and sociality

Professor Josephine Mills
University of Lethbridge Art Gallery
Project: Art, perception and complex social change

Dr Hugh Notman/Professor Mary Pavelka
Anthropology, University of Athabasca; Anthropology, University of Calgary
Project: Auditory communication in vervet monkeys

Professor Julia Ostner/Dr Oliver Schülke
Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach Institute for Zoology and Anthropology, University of Göttingen.
Project: Movement ecology of Assamese macaques

Dr Biren Patel/Dr Nathan Thompson
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California/Stony Brook
Project: Quadrupedal locomotion in baboons and vervets

Dr Thomas Pollet
Psychology, University of Northumberland
Project: Multi-level analysis and networks

Professor Pamela Qualter
Psychology, University of Manchester
Project: Social engagement and cognition in children

Dr Gert Stulp
Sociology, University of Groninggen
Project: Human behavioural ecology

Professor Anja Widdig
University of Leipzig & Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Project: Male reproductive success in vervet monkeys